St Albert Administrative Law

Are you looking for reliable and dependable administrative law services in St Albert, Ab? Look no further because our St Albert lawyers have got you covered!

We provide our clients with first-hand expertise in administrative law matters. We understand our clients require a legal team who carefully understands the world of administrative decision-makers, especially with more decisions being done by government authorities, tribunals, and boards.

Our team regularly works with our private and public sector clients with counsel on complicated regulatory concerns, interpreting and drafting government legislation and by-laws, and present insights into the decision-making setting.

Our team of St Albert administrative lawyers advises on every aspect of complicated disputes and litigation, including administrative and public law. You can rest assured our team counsels on a broad spectrum of administrative and public concerns, including rights, counseling on the powers, and procedures connecting to different public bodies and bodies’ regulation professionals.

Among the areas covered by our administrative law practice are the following:

  •   Regulation of Professionals
  •   Pensions and Benefits
  •   Municipal Law
  •   Legislative Drafting
  •   Labor and Employment
  •   Human Rights Complaints
  •   Health Law
  •   Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
  •   Energy and Natural Resources
  •   Constitutional Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Comprehensive Suite of Public Law Services to Clients

Our St Albert law office has comprehensive experience in the areas of public accountability frameworks, statutory interpretation, information access laws, and human rights law. We back up our government clients with dedicated strategic aid about litigation, complaint resolution, governance and compliance, decision making, and policy development. Our expertise offers us a powerful understanding of the commercial, social, and political sensitivities of our government clients’ experience.

We help agencies and departments, along with regulatory accountabilities, to conduct their work and powers efficiently with their constituents. We also offer our clients counsel concerning efficient decision making. We know the environmental pressures upon our government clients and assist in directing them.

Our administrative law attorneys in St Albert represent insurance companies, corporations, business owners, and licensed professionals with state administrative concerns, insurance regulation, labor, and employment concerns, as well as tax appeals.

How Can We Help?

Given our dedication to serving the different levels of government, most of our partners regularly counsel the public sector. We have professional lawyers committed to serving government clients in each of our legal practice teams.

Our St Albert lawyers and partners understand the government and have practical experience as well as an inclusive understanding of the specific role of legal services in the operations of government. We know the diverse requirements of office-bearers, agencies, and departments at every level of government, while also providing the best disciplines of commercial practice to the table.

Our team of administrative lawyers serve government clients both concerning their vital accountabilities and advising on daily operational requirements in areas like contracting, procurement, information technology, intellectual property, construction, and employment property.

We repeatedly advise on administrative law issues specific to the government, such as statutory interpretation, governance, the exercise of functions and powers, advice on risk management, strategic and policy advice, dispute resolution, and so much more.

To get started, call our administrative attorneys in St Albert today!