St Albert Employment Law Services

Workplaces could be complicated social settings. You understand very well that most of them have their own politics. Have you been discriminated against, treated unfairly at work, harassed, or bullied? Let our employment law experts help you today.

Typically disputes between an employee and an employer could be solved inside the workplace. The majority of responsible corporations will have an employee handbook detailing how they will manage this. When this is not possible, and things escalate to a serious degree, it might be the right time to seek legal advice.

Our team of St Albert employment law experts can provide expert advice if you think your employer mistreated you. That’s true, especially if they have:

  •   sexually harassed you, or failed to act if you’ve become a victim of sexual harassment
  •   discriminated against you or failed to act when you’re being discriminated
  •   obliged you to quit
  •   dismissed you without any good reason
  •   made you redundant unfairly

We Will Let You Know about Your Rights as an Employee

Our St Albert lawyers have comprehensive experience representing workers from a wide array of jobs, for all types of breaches in employment rules.

There are strict guidelines protecting the rights of every employee in the region. Our employment law experts’ no-win, no-fee approach ensures the bespoke counsel you require when you’ve been treated unfairly. Rest assured, we can help you claim compensation for the losses you experienced as a result.

Your Professional Employment Law Firm In St Albert

The workplace is where you spend most of your adult life. Therefore, any frustrations or disputes with your boss could have a massive effect on your personal life, as well. Our team of professional lawyers in St Albert are here to deal with a wide array of employment disputes for employees across the region.

We can help you with:

  •   wrongful dismissal claims
  •   unfair dismissal claims
  •   automatically unfair dismissals
  •   constructive dismissal claims
  •   redundancy
  •   discrimination at work
  •   settlement agreements

Understanding Employment Law

The employment law in the country governs the relations between employees, employers, and trade unions. It guarantees every worker is treated fairly and ensured a safe work setting.

What Our Employment Law Team Can Help You

Employment law covers a different aspect of employment. Most essentially, it covers regulation on:

  •   discrimination in the workplace
  •   equality
  •   transfer of undertakings
  •   redundancy
  •   health and safety
  •   probation and notice periods
  •   dismissals
  •   disciplinary and grievance procedures
  •   employment contracts
  •   parental leave
  •   working hours
  •   minimum pay

Get the Employment Law Support and Guidance You Need

Employment law is continuously being updated as it responds to the ever-changing economy, verdicts on tribunal cases, and ever-changing economy. In that case, it could feel like a minefield if you are seeking for justice. With our employment law experts on your side, your employment law claim would be more straightforward.

Call our employment law professionals today, or feel free to request a call back to talk about your case. Get in touch, however, fits you best and schedule a consultation with one of our employment law experts.