St Albert Wills & Estates

Whether it is about estate planning, drafting your last will and testament, or other legal services, you know that there is always a St Albert law firm that you can trust.  For your wills and estates legal advice and assistance, we have our legal team that is always ready to extend their legal services.

Wills & Their Importance

A will is not just an ordinary type document – it is an essential legal document that will allow you to decide on who will be that person that will manage your entire estate after you died. This will also contain information about who will take care of your dependents, if you have children, and how your properties and other assets will be distributed among your beneficiaries. In the event of your demise, Personal Directives and Powers Of Attorney are other legal documents that will also be needed to support what you have stated in your will.

No worries, our St Albert lawyers are highly experienced in handling and drafting this important legal document. Here in our law firm, we make sure that our clients are assisted throughout the process. We also make sure that we take into account our client’s intentions and special circumstances in drafting their will.

Estate Planning and your Beneficiaries Future

Before you have your will drafted, it would be better if you have made advanced preparations on the distributions and administration of your estates.  Having done an effective estate planning, you are sure that your estate will be equally distributed to your beneficiaries, tax exposure will be reduced, and family conflict will be reduced. Tax exposure refers to a certain tax amount that might be required to be paid after your death. Instead of leaving this tax burden to your family, it will be avoided or at least reduced when you have made your estate plan in advance.

Why Choose Our St Albert Lawyers?

Our St Albert law firm is known and trusted for years when it comes to estate planning. We have worked on addressing business succession as well as controlling issues involving our clients. We have also given our legal advice when it comes to the objectives they wanted to achieve in estate planning. Our legal expertise with Corporate, Commercial, and Tax law, as well as tax planning, is integrated and implemented here to make sure our client’s objectives will be achieved.

Aside from preparing the estate plan, drafting the will, there is still another part that completes this legal relationship. That is the inter vivos and testamentary trusts. This is just similar to what Power Of Attorney and Personal Directive is. These legal arrangements are also important in completing the objectives of estate planning. It is important that it is structured as well as documented to avail of any tax benefits and to avoid any tax problems in the future. Our legal team understands how important these legal arrangement and documents are.  With our expertise and years in the service, you are sure that we will prepare this document together with your intentions.

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