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Looking for a law firm in St Albert with expertise in corporate law? Don’t look further!

Our St Albert lawyers specialize in a variety of corporate transactions such as amalgamations, estate freezes, business succession structures, dissolutions, and unanimous shareholders agreements.

We have competitive, effective, licensed, and trained lawyers in the country to accommodate clients’ projects of all sizes.

Legal Corporate Law Services in St Albert


You’ve discussed existing mortgage provisions of a corporation, contractual terms of the current contract, outstanding security agreements, tax consequences, licensing provisions, real estate lease agreements, leasing agreement on equipment, or contractor contracts. Then, the lawyers at our St Albert law firm assist corporations in amalgamating two or more entities into a single business.

Amalgamations provide corporations the ability to qualify for financing, reduce cost, increase tax advantages, promote a great branding or goodwill, and guarantee diversification.

Estate Freezes

Private corporations maintain the value of the owner’s shares during transactions.

Our St Albert lawyers are committed to providing corporate services based on estate freezes. We have helped businesses balance their ownership rights. We also develop legal strategies on the right participation plan, tax laws, profit sharing, and share issuance program.

Freezing of value includes the concepts of planning into the ownership structure of a business and corporate tax law. Common among the family-operated corporation, estate freezes allow one generation to retain control of a company. Our St Albert lawyers are the experts that will help shareholders and owners establish a participation program that benefits each party.


Does a corporation not have liabilities or property? It’s time to dissolve the business. To get started, meet the board, liquidate other assets, file the article of dissolution, complete the tax return, available close accounts, cancel permits/licenses, and notify associates.

Let’s admit it! You cannot handle them all. Our lawyers have expertise in the dissolution of corporations. From liquidating assets to canceling permits, our team consists of flexible legal counsels.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

There are effective ways to protect your company, and a unanimous shareholder agreement is a perfect example. How does it work? It simply prevents shareholder disputes. As the name indicates, the USA spells out the obligations and rights of every shareholder. It may also include share transfer provisions and management issues.

For all your USA needs, the team at [Insert company] develops a shareholder agreement that does not violate the rights of different parties.

Routine Legal Solutions

Aside from estate freezes and the dissolution of a corporation, we provide routine legal services. We file the necessary documents, handle other paper works, and prepare reliable corporate resolutions. This helps keep businesses in good standing with most corporate registries.

The use of business entities can play a critical role in most commercial settings—Our St Albert lawyer will structurs on behalf of our valued clients. We provide the assessment and management of tax structures. Plus, our lawyers prepare contracts business financing transactions, agreements, sales, business acquisitions, expansions, and more.

Who Is This For?

Our clients range from a wide spectrum of activities or ventures. These include consulting, construction, agriculture, land development, professional services, manufacturing, energy production, and more.

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